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posted Sep 25, 2011 16:07:50 by Cribbinn
Were in the process of making the new server were going for rpg with money, jobs, shops, stats and plots, we think its a good idea for new people to start with nothing and have to work there way to having a plot by having enough money or stats, but the people who already have a plot keep theres :) the main city is going to be the only safe place/protected so outside of that is pvp and survival.

if you have any good suggestions for the server please comment :)
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gfrost2009 said Sep 25, 2011 16:26:52
If the server is a day and night thing, would it be possible to have a sort of hotel thing, so new players have somewhere to wait out the nights to go and get materials or something or get food which they might not do at night?
Cribbinn said Sep 25, 2011 16:34:31
well as its survival and pvp people will probably end up making houses underground, but i think there might be a hotel, thats a good idea :) jseeb14 was building one before so hopefully if that gets finished we can use that, thanks
STAK said Sep 25, 2011 17:00:17
there should be day and night imo. but have a day switch in edgate and let donators/admins do the /time day and /time night like in old server. and cribbinn is it possible i can come on the server for like 2 seconds so i dont loose my house in wild forever??
Cribbinn said Sep 25, 2011 17:41:20
yeah good idea :) and you wont lose it because the worlds staying the same, do you know the co ords? and i cant let you on anyways i dont have permission :(
STAK said Sep 25, 2011 17:48:17
no i dont know the coords =( i just know it is right across a river from hughes old city davenport.
STAK said Sep 25, 2011 17:54:38
and i know it wont go away but i doubt ill ever find it again =(
Cribbinn said Sep 25, 2011 17:55:04
everybody add my new skype account CribCribCribbinn for instand updates on wahats going on :)

ill find it and note down the co ords :)
gfrost2009 said Sep 25, 2011 18:28:36
Was talking to Cribbin about the cities, with the old cities you should shove tnt in them to make the buildings derelict, then it would be like fallout, having random houses people could take shelter in if they travel out from the city, like a sort of hunters starter shack
FreddieBurrell said Sep 25, 2011 19:03:01
hey how can u loose your account cos i dont want people seeing my personal stuff?!?!
FreddieBurrell said Sep 25, 2011 19:04:52
and when will the server be on
STAK said Sep 28, 2011 05:00:14
let hughes back on =)
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