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first thourghts

posted Sep 26, 2011 16:21:46 by FreddieBurrell
i think all the towns in one big city is gd is a gd i idea but there r a few problems
firstly it is very very laggy
2nd u cant build
3rd itjust doesnt hav much to do
i no there r a few things to sort out and all the staff and admins hav been working very hard but i prefered the game before the 1.8 update hopefully the admins and staff will make it better ;D
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JamesMatson said Sep 26, 2011 16:26:22
lagg yes but im sure that will be sorted out soonish

will just atake a while for peopel to settle down and then minecarft life will resume as people spread out but still have a community to come back too
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