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posted Sep 26, 2011 20:01:51 by NiallFall
Well I join the server today for the first time and I really like it!

People on there are very nice/helpful and some of the builds are amazing! Dont have any lag on the server at all!

-- Question --
How do you become a admin/mod?

I know you donate to become a Sponsor but I'm only 15 so I dont have the money!

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iVMoRiginal said Sep 26, 2011 20:32:26
Hi Naillfall

Glad to hear you are enjoying the server! Its always nice to see good feedback :D with regards to your question, yes anyone can be a moderator if they show great support for the server, i.e. help admins with answering questions from the new players, being a regular player on the server, and just simply obeying the rules :)

ImagineCraft Owner.
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