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Goodbye and Sorry

posted Sep 27, 2011 23:14:02 by AdamHughes
At least let cribbinn back. or refund her?
Now all i said was 'on it' to Niall or someone as a joke not intending to offend anyone.
and if it wasn't that i'm sorry i kept on puting ':P' in the chat.
and if it wasn't that i'm just Sorry.

PLEASEEEEEE Don't ever shut down the server it's one of the best ones i've ever been on, Brilliant owner, brilliant vice-owners and the community was amazing.
so if you do decide to keep me banned that's fine (well annoying) but it's your server but atleast tell me what i did wrong please?
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STAK said Sep 28, 2011 04:59:23
its not the same with out you hughes!
AdamHughes said Sep 28, 2011 15:57:01
Well i'm not sure why iVMo has said i called him a 'shit' owner when he's the best owner i've came accross (apart from banning me for no reason) and i have never been rude to other players and whoever said that tell them to skype call me and we'll sort it ouut :D
iVMoRiginal said Sep 29, 2011 10:03:56
Hughes i'll reconsider your ban in a couple of days. Seems like your highly regarded on the server. You know what you was doing, I'm not going to argue.

If you still want to play on ImagineCraft check back here at a later date.
ImagineCraft Owner.
Jliscombe said Sep 29, 2011 19:36:27
Agreed i don't know whats happened but lets just all get along :D


Here to help, need a plot speak to an admin
STAK said Sep 30, 2011 05:55:27
my big sign convinced you didnt it ivmo! =DD
AdamHughes said Sep 30, 2011 17:51:41
I think i might know what might have annoyed you....
I think when u got demoted from 'Admin' i got really annoyed and confused so i may have acted a bit cocky and stuff.
But hey i 'Lived' and i 'Learned' and now i'm really sorry but can we all just forget it?
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