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we hav a spammer

posted Oct 01, 2011 17:58:23 by FreddieBurrell
a spammer called tomhawker i think keeps messin up the server
BAN HIM!!!!!!!

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Shortstock24 said Oct 01, 2011 20:05:28
agreed, its impossible to chat with him 'nuking' the server...
sad little idiot :L
iVMoRiginal said Oct 04, 2011 22:48:35
Yeah, i banned him as soon as i found out. There was also another guy but i forgot his name now.

To prevent "nuking" in the future im looking at anti-spam where you first get kicked for spamming, then banned if you do it again.

Obviously its been banning a couple of people due to lag, but i think i might have fixed that now. You can see the other thread why we had lag :)

If you get banned and you genuinely wasn't spamming, you can appeal your ban in the "Ban Appeal" thread. I'll review bans regarding spamming much quicker.

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